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Yiwu Sourcing Agent:Product Sourcing Services

2020 is a hard year. People are eager to do some outdoor exercise. As a professional China sourcing agent, Skylark will always get hot-selling products and recommend them to our customers. If you do not know what products to buy, do not worry, the Yiwu agent will recommend something new and hot selling to you. Hope we can grow up together in the future.

When You Need a China Yiwu Sourcing/Procurement Agent?

If you are not familiar with importing from China and you have a variety of products to import, then you need a professional China procurement agent. China product sourcing agent can help you with sourcing different suppliers, preparing goods, customs declarations and sourcing agent China dropshipping, etc.

How To Find A Yiwu Sourcing/Procurement  Agent In China?

A good China procurement agent will be a great contributor to your business’s success.

There are many methods to find a sourcing agent in China. While for new importers, it’s a complicated market. Below is how to get a China agent service.

Searching from Your Current Suppliers

Some suppliers will procure more items for customers if they have built a good relationship although they may sell limited products at first. Eventually, over time, some suppliers may offer their purchasing services to their customers.

Searching From Internet

You can find everything on the internet. Just google “China sourcing consultant” or “Yiwu sourcing agent”. And then you can check and find a goods sourcing company.

Searching from Trade Fairs

There are China Yiwu International Commodities Fair and The Canton Fair in Guangzhou. If you are available, you can come to China and check or talk with some China procurement agent company face to face and get what you need directly.

Skylark always offers the best China sourcing services with the lowest price to our customers since we have a complete supply chain. We cooperated with more than 20k factories. We also support online sellers, department stores, and wholesalers for more than 12 years with very fast growth.

Product Sourcing Services

We specialize in

-General Merchandise

-Personal Care & Beauty&Hair Accessories & Jewelry & Bath Cleaning Products

-Pet Products & Children's Toys & Stationary & Oil painting

-Fitness products & Outdoor Products & Umbrellas

-Earphone &  Speaker & Data Cable & Converter & Mobile Phone Shell

-Clock &  Glasses &  Bags &  Cases

-Clothes & Fashion Accessories & Souvenir & Promotional Products

-Tableware (plastic ,paper ,aluminum foil) & Party Supplies

-Hardware Tools & Bicycle Accessories & Gardening Tools

-Artware(wooden, glass, crystal, acrylic, ceramic)

Below is some feedback from our clients

Yiwu Agent Reviews


This story took place in 2012. It is in early autumn the sales representatives at Skylark has received a reply from our client. As soon as the trade agent got it, he has made a video call to Yesica to confirm all the details, product size, certificate, quality, price, and so on. Later, we contacted the factories that produce kids' bicycles to find the most cost-effective one for Yesica. To test the quality, the representatives of Skylark visited the factory to see how was the goods produced and packed. My colleague, Jack, stood on the bike to test load-bearing. Finally, Yesica received the goods after one month and gave our service a good rate.

china sourcing agent


Bemio is one of Skylalk's clients. We met him at the Canton fair in 2018. He is a humorous and confident gay. He stood near our showroom and watched our beach chair. We exchanged business cards. Later the China trade agent of Skylark added his Whatsapp, and we invited him to visit our company and the Yiwu market( the biggest market in the world). We booked the hotel and the air ticket for him for free. He is very satisfied with our service and makes an order of one 20ft container mixed with the chair, chair, glassware, and other items, about 25-30 items, valued at $10567. In our next cooperation, we offer OA 40 days payment according to his company credit.

Yiwu Agent Reviews


In 2018, it is the sales representative's second year in General Union Co., Ltd. We cooperated with a factory that focuses on producing an umbrella with competitive price and high quality. The agent emailed Menesh to share the products with him. Firstly the agent sent the catalog to Menesh and he was interested in 6 panels foldable umbrella. A free sample was offered to test the quality. He was satisfied with the quality and the design. We put a hanging tag and barcode on the products as his requirement. A professional inspection team inspected the quality and made an inspection report to Manesh.

china sourcing agent


We cooperated with Jonny for more than 3 years. He usually comes to China to pick up the goods from Yiwu Wholesale Market. We will offer Local guide translation during picking up the goods. He picks up the goods in the store. For example, if he wants to buy keyrings, we will go to a floor, there are about 100 stores to sell them with a different designs. Usually, he will pick up about 30-40 items, about 40hq containers, and ship them together. As a professional China product sourcing agent, Skylark will contact all the factories to confirm the production time and all the details. When all the goods are ready, we will inspect the quality and take pictures and videos for him. At present,his imported value went from $3,000 to $2 million.

china sourcing agent


Daniela is the manager of the import department in a trading company in America. She mainly focuses on importing ponchos from China. She cooperated with other china trade agents several times. She always offers pictures to us and asks us to find the high quality but low prices for her. As she said she hopes we can find it in the Yiwu market( the biggest market in China, with more than 50k factories ranging from all kinds of goods). We find about 12 factories to compare the price and quality. Finally, the product we offered meets the client's requirement and she orders 25000pcs from us.

china sourcing agent


Roshni is one of Skylark's long-term customers and we have established long-term win-win cooperation from 2011 until now.  We usually FOB Price( free on broad), and do the customs clearance in China. 3% commission is based on EXW price. EXW price+ local charge= FOB price. For 20ft container, the local charge is usually $800. For a 40hq container, the local charge is about $1000.

china sourcing agent


Singh is one of our new clients in 2020. He saw our service- China sourcing agent, and contact us. He ordered 20ft container storage basket from us. He is satisfied with our services. Our service areas here.

1. Good to e-commerce or online business starters. We offer low moq  20 pcs for each product. You can mix 30-50 products at the same time.

2. Lower risks and lower transportation costs. The centralized transportation of scattered cargo can reduce risks and transportation costs.

3. Fast delivery. We will do clearance of goods in China to ensure you can receive the goods asap.

3. All categories of products can be supplied. As a large-scale export group in China with more than 13 years of supply management experience, we are able to supply small batches of all categories of products.

4. Funds can be provided to support your business. According to your credit after one year's cooperation, OA 60 days(payment shall be done within 60 days after the delivery to your company ) is accepted.

china sourcing agent


Saul is an online seller who owns an electric store in the Dominican Republic. When he started his business, he usually buys 3-4 items, valued at about $200-$400. We buy the goods from 4 different factories and ship the goods out by EMS. We inspect the quality of the goods and repack 4 items into a carton to save space. After one year of cooperation, his business grows quickly. Hope we can grow up together.

china sourcing agent

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