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Creativity comes from toys. With Low MOQ OEM SUPPORT, Skylark has a quotation for a complete range of Yiwu wholesale toys in China. As one of the professional Chinese toy manufacturers and wholesalers, Skylark can help you to find different types of toys at low prices in the Yiwu toys market. All of our toys are hot sale in Global Market. Meanwhile, we are an experienced Yiwu buying agent, so we could also help you find and buy wholesale toys from China you want that currently not existing in our catalogues.

Wholesale Toys from China

DIY toys, wooden toys and plastic toys are available in the yiwu toys wholesale market. But these types for sale below are just a few of all the kinds. Contact us for more information about toys wholesale.

DIY Toys

Wooden Toys

Plastic Toys

Buy Cheap Wholesale Toys From China

Yiwu toy wholesale market is one of the largest China toys wholesale markets. It is located in Yiwu Market District 1. Buy wholesale toys at cheap prices with Skylark. We have a thousand types of toys available and we have an enormous range so that you can buy all your toys here in one place. 

Toys have always been a kinds of popular products, because it can motivate children in activities, promote the physical and mental development of human beings. According to the material, it can be divided into metal toys, plastic toys, wooden toys, plush toys, etc.  According to function, it can be divided into sports toys, educational toys, military toys and so on.

After decades of development, China's toy industry is gradually mature. The main manufacturing enterprises are concentrated in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Fujian, Shandong and other coastal areas. Because of the strong and stable production capacity, the toys made in China have always had an advantage in many aspects, such as competitive price, good quality, attractive appearance. With the development of technology and continuous innovation, China's toy industry also has made great progress in transforming from "Made in China" to "created in China". China's toy entrepreneurs welcome everyone to come China to purchase.

Types of Toys at yiwu toys market China

There are 4 districts in Yiwu toys wholesale market, which are district B, district C, district D, and district E. If you ask what kind of toys you can buy at the market, the answer is all kinds you want! In Yiwu toy wholesale market, you can buy thousands types of toys! There are 12 streets in each district, so in total there are more than 2,000 stores. Each district sells different toys type.

Find wholesale toys for children of all ages on Skylark. The kids' toys wholesale collections are both for playing and educational learning. For teachers or parents, toy sets can be used for various purposes. Such as counting toys and DIY toys can be used by teachers as a lesson aid. Playthings from blocks to puzzles can be used for parents to play with children. Bulk buy smaller toy selections to use as party favors or employee benefits of businesses. 

Wholesale Toys in China Catalog/PDF

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