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Why Have to Wear Gloves When Cycling?

Many cyclists have experienced being asked by the team leader or other members to wear cycling gloves during team riding. For example, in more rigorous cycling events, participating in the event without wearing proper cycling gloves is not allowed.

Of course, in addition to windproof cycling gloves, there are other cycling equipment that must be worn. There are dedicated cycling gloves for cycling. Dedicated cycling gloves are available in full-finger and half-finger styles. The type of cycling gloves chosen will vary depending on the type of cycling activity. Generally, the palm of the cycling gloves is always thickened. High-end cycling gloves generally have silicone pads.

Warm cycling gloves are important during cycling

Gloves can protect the palms during a cycling accident, reducing the damage caused by external forces. They can also prevent abrasions or scratches on the hand. When cycling accidents occur, not wearing gloves poses a great danger to cyclists. Wearing cycling gloves in the event of a cycling accident can help reduce the damage caused by the accident.

General cycling gloves have the functions of sweat absorption, anti-skid, and breathable. Warm cycling gloves can also protect the hands and wrists. When the bicycle is in high-speed motion, anti-skid gloves are important. Bicycle handling depends entirely on the cyclist's hands. If the cyclist's hands slip or other accidents occur, cycling accidents may occur.

The breathability of warm cycling gloves is determined by the material of the gloves. Different materials have different breathability, so it is best to choose gloves with a strong breathability. During cycling, the hands sweat a lot. Different cycling gloves are used in different seasons. In summer, half-finger cycling gloves are usually used, while in winter, full-finger cycling gloves are used. Only by taking the wearing of cycling equipment seriously can we ensure our cycling safety and experience.

Wearing and maintenance of windproof cycling gloves

Since the cycling gloves are gloves that fit closely to the hands, some gloves will have a rough anti-slip patch sewn at the bottom of the palm for easy wearing and pulling down. When taking off the gloves, you can use the easy removal strap between your fingers to easily remove them. If there is no easy removal strap, it is recommended to pull the fabric from the palm area instead of the back of the hand, as the fabric in the palm area is more durable and can prevent the gloves from deforming.

Wash gloves carefully to make them more durable. How should windproof cycling gloves be washed? It is best to wash by hand, soak in soapy water, and rub clean. Then air-dry in a cool place. Do not use hot water, bleach, or expose to the sun, as this can damage the material structure, causing the gloves to become fuzzy, the fabric to loosen, and the gloves to deform.

If you are too lazy to wash by hand, remember to stick the Velcro together to prevent the Velcro from sticking to the fabric and causing fabric pilling. It is best to put them in a laundry bag before washing them in a washing machine to reduce the possibility of glove deformation.

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